Hiring Manager

  • Create New Job Opening
  • Capture required skill, rating and weightage
  • Publish job opening
  • Modify existing job opening
  • Track Job Opening
  • Dash Board
    • Total Number of Job Openings
    • Total Number of Positions
    • Number of resumes uploaded
    • Job openning status
    • Resume status
    • Drill down to openings, resumes

Recruitment Manager

  • View job openings
  • Search for suitable candidates
  • Match cadidates against given JD using skills
  • View profile details
  • Assign job open to external vendor/multiple vendors
  • View uploaded resumes
  • Resume workflow management (Screening, Interview etc)
  • Dash Board
    • Vendor Performance Metrics

Recruitment Partner

  • View published job openings
  • View JD details given job open
  • Upload suitable resumes against job opening
  • Notify HR about upload of resumes
  • Track resumes status workflow real time
  • Dash Board
    • Job opening status
    • Rejection metrics

Job Seeker

  • Register with Collagro
  • Complete 360° profile
  • Control your personal data visibility
  • Upload resume
  • See job openings which match your skill set
  • Apply for job opening